Top 5 Reasons for AC Maintenance

Posted on: May 8, 2015

With the summer quickly approaching, you’re counting on a working air conditioning system to keep your St. Petersburg home as comfortable as possible. If you’ve noticed that your home isn’t cooling off as it should be or you’ve noticed an unusual spike in your electric bill since turning on your unit, it may be time to call the AC maintenance professionals at Midway Services. An experienced technician can inspect your system and get things in working order before the temperatures and humidity start to rise. airconditioningservicesclearwatertampastpetersburg

There are five common causes your technician may identify as the reason your HVAC system isn’t functioning properly:

1. Frozen Coil: When airflow is restricted, the coil cannot maintain the proper warmth and can freeze up before condensation can be drained away. Dirty air filters, blocked ductwork, and faulty fans are a few common reasons for restricted airflow that can result in frozen coils.  Proper AC maintenance can prevent the airflow blockages that cause coils to freeze up.

2. Low Refrigerant: As a St. Petersburg homeowner, you know how hot and humid the air can get both outdoors and indoors. Refrigerant is one of the main components that make air conditioning possible by cooling and dehumidifying indoor air. The presence of a slow leak in refrigerant will lower the level and cause problems, such as frozen coils and inability to cool the indoor air temperature efficiently, if at all.

3. Broken Thermostat: In some cases, the air conditioner may not be the reason why your St. Petersburg home isn’t cooling off sufficiently. A broken thermostat is often the culprit, but it is a fairly simple problem to solve. An AC maintenance professional can either repair or replace your thermostat and get you on track to cool comfort as soon as possible.

4. Faulty Wiring: Improperly installed systems with poor connections or kinks in wiring can prevent currents from flowing properly, resulting in problems with the unit. Even more importantly, faulty connections can result in frequent power outages or dangerous electrical fires.

5. Defective Sensors: Your St. Petersburg home goes through cycles when your HVAC system is powered on the thermostat is set. These cycles are based on sensors that detect the indoor temperatures and cool accordingly. A broken sensor is obvious, but sensor location has a lot to do with it as well. If your sensors are located in a smaller room that is often closed off, the sensor won’t get the most accurate reading to service your home appropriately. Call an AC maintenance company to assess your sensors and to make sure they are located in the best space possible for the most energy efficient and effective cooling possible.

To ensure the comfort of your loved ones all summer-long, call Midway, your local St. Petersburg AC maintenance company. Our team of professionals can inspect your house to determine why your unit isn’t working and can repair the problem or make other recommendations. Call today to see how we can help you.


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