How to Care for Your Water Softener

Posted on: April 30, 2015

While many residents of Westchase choose to use water softeners, many are unaware of the steps they should take to keep it running effeciently. Knowing the proper maintenance steps is importance to ensure it not only provides the highest quality possile, but prevents you from overlooking red flag symptoms and needing costly repairs and replacements down the road. At Midway Services, we have been offering exceptional water softener services for over 50 years, so we want to share 6 easy steps you can take to help your machine. 500OFF SOFTERNER

1. Make sure there is enough salt.  Without the proper salt levels, the resin beads will not regenerate, and therefore, will not soften the water correctly.

2. Add more salt when needed. Each system will be different, so make sure to check the labeling as to how much you will need, and how often. If the level is less than half of what it should be, you should refill it. Make sure you monitor this on a regular basis. (See #4)

3. Make sure you add the correct type of salt. Adding the wrong kind is just as bad as not refilling it when levels get too low. Again, check the label to make sure you get the right kind; it will either be block, granular, or tablet. Don’t assume one that can be used with one brand will be the same for another.

4. Inspect it regularly. Make a habit of checking on your system regularly, so you will immediately spot if something is out of the ordinary. Every 3 months you should check the brine tank to make sure there isn’t too much of a build-up of salt. This solid build-up can block the resin beads from regenerating, rendering the softener useless.

5. Remove the build-up. If you do find build-up, you can temporarily remove it by using a long handle, like a broom or mop, to break it up. However, you should call a professional in Westchase for water softener services to ensure it does not keep happening.

6. Clean the tank. At least twice a year, you should drain and clean the entire system; more often if it is an older system.

While softener systems require minimal maintenance, the work it does require will make a huge difference in its effectiveness. To make sure yours is always working optimally, call Midway today for professional water softener services in Westchase and the entire Tampa Bay area! We also offer plumbing maintenance programs.


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