What You Need to Know About Surge Protection

Posted on: April 29, 2015

Many of the residents of Seminole will ask us if they really need surge protection, since they already use power strips. However, this addition to your home can be invaluable. Power surges can happen anywhere, anytime, ruining any appliance plugged into that outlet; without some kind of protection, you are risking the life of your television, computer, or gaming console. Instead of just telling you to get one, we would rather explain why you should consider a surge protector for your Seminole home. This is especially important in the area where hurricanes and random storms can cause electrical issues that you weren’t expecting. surgeprotectionclearwater

First off, did you know that the Tampa Bay is the lightning capital of the United States? Tens of thousands of bolts of electricity touch down each year, injuring people and frying electronics. So, if you are living in the lightning capital, why wait any longer to start protecting your appliances?

Key Facts to Know About Surge Protection

At Midway, we want Seminole residents to be as informed as possible, which is why we have put together two key facts we want you to know about surge protection:

1. It’s not the same as power strips. While power strips offer more outlet space, they don’t offer any protection from electrical surges. Plugging into a power strip is no different than plugging into the wall.

2. Know the joules. Joules is the unit of measurement for electricity. Each surge protector will have a different joule rating; if it is 10,000, you are protected from ten 100 joule surges or one 10,000 joule surge. This rating doesn’t last forever; after those ten 100 joules, your home will not be protected, so after a large event it is wise to replace it. Ask your home services company how often you should replace your protector.

Midway Services

At Midway Services, we know how much surge protection can help your Seminole home. As the premier home services company of the Tampa Bay, we are committed to offering the best services, at the best price, all the time. Call us 24/7 and we will always be available to help you!


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