Why is it Important to Change Filters?

Posted on: April 14, 2015

It would be nearly impossible to survive one of Clearwater’s scorching hot summers without an efficient air conditioning system. One of the ways you can avoid frequent and costly AC repairs is by changing your filters regularly.

As the summer sun sends the temperature rising, your HVAC system will be working a lot harder to cool down your home, which means your filters will need more frequent changing. A quality technician in the Clearwater area will recommend that you change it every one to three months, though once a month is preferred.

There are three main reasons to do so: extending the life of your unit, ensuring clean air, and maximizing efficiency. acfiltercahnge

Extend the Life of Your Unit

Dirty filters are one of the most common causes of system failure, which leads to frequent AC repair needs or system replacement.

As dirt naturally accumulates over time, air can’t pass through and the system overheats, causing the motor to work harder. If your unit is older, this could lead to a complete system fail, which means you may be looking at replacing the entire unit. By replacing your air filter regularly, you ensure that air is able to pass through freely without any clogs obstructing the flow and forcing your system to overexert energy.

Not only does this quick fix prevent damage and extend the life of your unit, but it also saves you money on AC repair and replacement costs you could face if you neglect this small yet crucial part of your unit.

Ensure You’re Breathing Clean Air

When you or your loved ones suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems, you want to ensure that they are breathing the highest-quality air possible. Neglecting your filter means that pet dander, dust mites, pollen, and other allergens will accumulate in the system and contaminate your air. Instead, a quick replacement, as recommended by professionals, will ensure that your system isn’t circulating air full of allergens that will harm anyone in your household.

Maximize Your Energy Efficiency

The harder your system is working to cool down your Clearwater home, the more money you are spending on electricity. By regularly changing your air filter, you can save anywhere from five to fifteen percent on your energy bills.

An added bonus is that by maximizing your system’s energy efficiency, you also give off less carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, which means a more eco-friendly unit.

Midway Services

While you will benefit from this important maintenance you can do yourself, it won’t keep your unit from going through normal wear and tear. Whether you’re still noticing your bills are higher than normal, or you’ve never replaced a filter and are concerned your system may be compromised, Midway Services can help you.Call Midway Services of Clearwater if you think your system needs AC repair, inspection, or replacement.


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