Why Is There Water Next to My AC Unit?

Posted on: March 30, 2015

Many Dunedin homeowners have gotten into the bad habit of not paying any attention to their air conditioner, until it stops working correctly. Not only can this cause you to miss the signs of an impending break down, but it also keeps you from knowing what condensation is normal, and what signals the need for AC repairs.

How Much is Normal? Ed 3-17 S315359

Before you panic, thinking that your air conditioner is completely broken because there is a puddle of water next to it, it is important to realize that some condensation is normal. It’s no secret that Dunedin spring and summer days can get pretty hot, so you can expect to see some water. Your outdoor unit will recycle water, so a small puddle on a warm day is nothing to worry about. In addition, a small amount of water inside, near the condensate drain, is normal too. Still, it is important to monitor the area; if the amount of water is increasing, you may need to call for AC repair.

When Do I Need AC Repair?

If there is a large amount of water for more an a few days, you should call for expert help. Some issues that may be causing your cooling unit to leak include:

  • A crack in the condensate drain pan
  • A dirty air filter can restrict air flow to the evaporator coils, causing them to freeze and the water to spill out
  • If the condensate drain pipe is obstructed, instead of draining water to an appropriate area, it could push it back out of the unit

However, as an AC repair company, we know that the average homeowner isn’t going to know where to look to check their condensate drain, which is why we offer fast, affordable repairs and maintenance checks to ensure everything is working correctly.

As a Dunedin home service company, we will be able to help you with everything from air conditioning malfunctions to heating and electrical services. At Midway, One Call Does It All; if you have noticed something strange with your cooling system, call us as soon as possible for quality services and peace of mind.


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