The Danger of Refrigerant Leaks

Posted on: March 19, 2015

Any cooling system in Oldsmar will require some AC repair work sooner or later. No matter what needs to be done, it is vital to keep in mind the health of the unit, and the safety issues that may be involved. One of the common problems that we encounter around here is related to the refrigerant liquid level. refrigerantleak

What’s Happening

What we commonly call the refrigerant refers to the liquid used in your cooling system, which produces cold by removing the heat. The complex process includes multiple transitions from liquid to gas and back to liquid that allows the system to cool down your home in Oldsmar.

The types of fluid may vary depending on the air conditioner you own. A cooling system does not consume any of the liquid originally present, and will not generally need a refill, unless leaks appear.

What to Do

While your first instinct might be to refill the fluid to bring the level up, you should immediately call an AC repair expert to handle the work. Regardless the type of fluid your system uses, these chemicals are highly controlled and always require the assistance of a professional.

Leaks will affect the efficiency of your system, but may also have an important impact on your environment. Refrigerant fluid may evaporate as a gas and cause a variety of health issues that can include nausea, headache, and asphyxiation in some extreme cases.

To keep yourself and your Oldsmar home safe you should call your AC repair technician to help you stop the leak. A trustworthy technician will know how to fix any leak and test the repair to ensure it will last. The next step may be just as important. For a unit to work at peak efficiency, the refrigerant level must be of the correct amount to exactly match the manufacturer’s specifications. Too little or too much fluid will affect the correct functioning of your unit.

Calling the Right Technicians

The competition between companies in Oldsmar is large, but at Midway, we know we can handle any type of work you need done. Our expert staff is trained and certified to provide you with the best services available in the area. To get assistance with a refrigerant leak or any other AC repair work, give us a call today!


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