4 Reasons Why Your AC Isn’t Working

Posted on: February 16, 2015

Here in Oldsmar, we’ve recently had a break from the sweltering weather. However, residents know that it won’t be long now until the warm days are back. Make sure you have AC services completed now, before you have to suffer through a summer without air conditioning. Midway HiRez photos AC page 2

If you tried to switch the thermostat to “cool,” and nothing happened, it can be easy to panic. However, we have created a list of some common reasons why your Oldsmar cooling unit isn’t working.

1. Low refrigerant. This is the chemical that cools the air inside the unit before it blows into your home. Low levels could indicate a leak, or simply that the unit needs to be recharged. Regular AC services will be able to find the leak, and repair it, before you have to go without cool air for the day.

2. Fan isn’t working. The outside fan’s main job is to blow the hot air from inside your home to the outside. When it does not do this properly, the hot air can build up inside the unit, causing the engine to overheat, and possibly be damaged.

3. Faulty thermostat. If you keep setting the temperature lower and lower, but your Oldsmar home is still uncomfortably warm, you may want to have a technician check that the thermostat isn’t the problem.

4. Frozen coil. If you have dirty air filters or ductwork, air flow can become restricted, which can cause the coils inside the unit to freeze. Your AC services technician should clean your ductwork and change the filters monthly.

Waking up sweating because your air conditioner isn’t working can be extremely frustrating. However, with regular AC services, you can be sure that your Oldsmar home will be as cool as you want. In addition, regular inspections and maintenance will ensure that all small problems are caught early enough to only constitute the need for small, less expensive repairs.

With the help of Midway, you will never have to wait long for services when you need them most. Our technicians are available 24/7, so no matter the time, call us if your air conditioner is not doing its job!


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