What Water Softeners Can Do For Your Home

Posted on: February 11, 2015

It’s not news that our human lives depend on accessing our vital H2O, but what is a lesser known fact is that water quality can vary greatly from home to home. In Clearwater many people depend on their hard water supply without thinking too much of it. watersoftenerclearwater

Hard vs. Soft Water

For many of us hard and soft does not mean much, but the difference in water quality is important and can affect us.

“Hard” means that the liquid contains many excess minerals including calcium and iron; “soft,” on the other hand, is stripped of that excess with help of softener devices. While hard H2O is not unsafe to use and drink, it can cause a variety of problems.

Benefits of Water Softeners

Installing a softener for your Clearwater home will have a direct effect on your water quality. Below are only some of the benefits you will notice once you have access to soft water:

  • Easier cleaning: If you’ve noticed spots or residue on dishes or even clothes after washing them, know it is a result of extra minerals. A softener will help the rinsing process, leaving anything you wash, including hair and skin, feeling nice and cleaner.
  • Long lifespan of appliances: The minerals will build up on the insides of your appliances, which can unfortunately decrease their efficiency and lifespan. Systems that help eliminate these minerals can extend the life of your electric appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters.
  • Clean plumbing system: In the same manner that it does in appliances, hardness leaves residue in your pipes. As a result, they may cause clogs and corrosion that will force you to call your Clearwater plumber more often than you wish you had to.
  • Hot water, quickly: Jumping in the shower only to find water that isn’t warm yet might be the worst feeling of your morning, but you won’t have to go through that routine after you install a softener. Your heater’s efficiency will improve when warming up soft water, which also leads to lower utility bills.

Improved water quality may not be something you were really thinking about, but if you have experienced anything from spots on dishes to appliances letting you down, it would be a good idea to get together with your local plumber and discuss the installation of a softener system. Contact Midway today to learn more about the improvements you can make in your Clearwater home.


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