Common Plumbing Questions Answered

Posted on: February 6, 2015

When things go wrong in your Tierra Verde home, it’s difficult not to let the panic take over, especially if you don’t have plumbing service experts you can rely on. Whether your garbage disposal is driving you crazy because it’s clogged, or water is spilling all over your floor, we are bringing you answers to some of the most common plumbing issues. Ally- Terrance 11-12

Why is my water bill so high all of a sudden? For those who are cautious of turning off the water while brushing teeth, or avoid hot baths to save on the amount of water consumed, high water bills may not make any sense. Look carefully for leaks around the house, and check the toilets for running water. Contact a professional to conduct a thorough inspection as you likely have a water leak.

How can I prevent leaks? While it’s near impossible to prevent leaks completely, taking the time to visually inspect your pipes every once in a while will help you notice when things are not right. Catching a small issue early will avoid damage and costly repairs.

What repairs can I do myself? Tierra Verde residents have the DIY fever, but plumbing services are usually better when left to technicians who have the necessary skills, knowledge and tools. While pouring a liquid solution bought in store to help you unclog a sink is easy, it really is not always the best way to fix the problem.

How long will my water heater last? If you’ve just installed a new water heater, you are probably wondering how long it will last. As a general guideline your heater should last close to a decade. Keep in mind that lifespans vary with the quality of the system, the installation, and necessary plumbing services.

Do I need an inspection? If you are thinking of investing in a home in Tierra Verde, consider the age of the building. Professionals will be able to point out anything that may be damaged before you sign the buyer agreement. And for those living in older homes, an inspection can help prevent unpleasant surprises.

Can I get a plumber now? Plumbing services are one of these things you can’t go without. At Midway, our technicians are available for emergency situations that require immediate assistance. To have someone visit your Tierra Verde home today, give us a call!


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