Can My Heater Handle the Next Cold Front?

Posted on: January 26, 2015

thermostatLately, the fluctuating outdoor temperatures of Safety Harbor had us wondering if we needed heating repairs. When it suddenly gets cold, we want to make sure our heater is ready to keep us warm and that is will work at peak efficiency.

Zero airflow may be the most obvious sign you have a broken heater and should call for help. But when warm air is blowing from your vents, it may not be as easy to determine whether or not your unit needs heating repairs. Fortunately, there are a couple things that heaters with issues tend to have in common:

  • Strange Noises: While you can expect to hear something from your furnace, rambling and squeaking should not exist. An abnormally loud system may be a sign your unit has a mechanical problem, or a reduction of the air flow.
  • Higher Bills: If your energy usage has not gone up, the monthly bills should stay around the same amount. A sudden rise in electricity bill often indicates something is going on, and forces the system to consume more energy than usual.
  • Never Warm Enough: Sometimes, no matter how much your unit is working, the temperature does not seem to get to a comfortable level. Dirty, clogged air filters or leaky ducts can be the reasons your home can’t keep warm.

A malfunctioning heater will cause dust and allergens to settle in your home and may lead to more allergy or asthma issues in your family. While this can sometimes be fixed with a new filter, other problems are more serious and can be a lot more harmful. The functioning of your furnace will affect the level of carbon monoxide in the house; high levels can be dangerous and are a definite sign you need heating repairs.

If you are looking for professional heating repairs and services in Safety Harbor, contact Midway. Our staff is composed of experts who can handle any project you have, no matter how big or small. From filters, to duct cleaning, to emergency repairs- we can do it all.


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