Does Your Home Need More Electrical Outlets?

Posted on: December 12, 2014

In today’s society filled with modern technologies we rely on so heavily, we now require reliable electrical services more than ever.  Almost everything that makes our lives “modern” here in Largo and across the United States needs access to electricity– and a lot of it.  So having outlets in your home where you need them, and having enough to plug in all of your devices, appliances, and tools, is imperative. electricallighting

When you are trying to clean the house while watching the Tampa Bay Lightning game, and you plug in the vacuum only to trip the circuit breaker and shut off your television and cable box, you aren’t happy.  Or when you’re trying to make dinner with the microwave and electric grill running at the same time and you lose power to the kitchen, you don’t have time to try and go reset the breaker. An electrical services company can come to your Largo home and not only install additional outlets, but add breakers so that the load from each room is more evenly distributed.

Do I need more outlets?

Are extension cords a permanent fixture in your home?  Even when you replace those bright orange extension cords with more attractive indoor ones, they should never be a permanent solution.  These are intended only to allow you to temporarily plug in items where no outlet exists and should never be run under carpets, pinched in tight spaces, or behind furniture.

Do you have to unplug one thing to plug in another?  Deciding what to unplug when trying to run the vacuum or another device is frustratingly inconvenient.  And when it’s somewhere behind your entertainment center where it’s not only difficult to reach, but difficult to know what you are about to unplug, it can be even worse.  Hiring a professional electrical services company in Largo to install a second outlet along that wall can make your life that much easier.

Do you have multiple outlets with adapters and power strips?  While power strips and multi outlet adapters are great in the interim, they are no substitute for an additional outlet.  When running multiple devices or appliances off of one port, you run the risk over overloading the circuit and tripping the breaker, which can be frustrating when you suddenly lose power in the room.

If you’ve determined that it would be safer and easier to have more outlets installed in your home, call our electrical services experts at Midway of Largo today!


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