Surviving the Storm: Prevent Power Outages

Posted on: November 7, 2014

Big storms hit Clearwater several times throughout the year, causing electrical service emergencies for residents and business owners all around the Tampa Bay area. As our society is dependent on electricity for some of the simplest daily tasks, it is our top priority to assist everyone in the area by helping prevent power outages.

A good generator will act as a backup electricity supplier in case your area of Clearwater loses power. Typically installed in your backyard, the unit will feed your home’s electrical system directly with power. Some generators will detect a power outage, and turn on automatically, whereas others will require you to switch a button “on”. Either way, the correct backup system will allow you to rest easy during a storm and keep on cooking, doing laundry, or reading your favorite book with the lights on. Consulting with your Midway electrical service experts will allow you to establish your needs, and compare models when you are ready to make the investment.

While it is nearly impossible to completely prevent power outages, you can ensure your home appliances are safe from electrical surges. At Midway, we offer whole-home surge protection to safeguard all the outlets around your home. Many options are available on the market, including surge protectors you can purchase individually to protect certain expensive electrical appliances, such as a fridge or a TV. With the specialty solutions we offer at Midway, your Clearwater home or business will be completely protected against voltage spikes.

If you want to stay a step ahead of the next storm, the technicians at Midway will be able to guide you to the best generators available on the market. Our electrical service professionals will help you establish your needs and present you with the most efficient solutions available. We can easily install any type of generator or surge protector you choose and will always be available to perform maintenance and repairs on your system.

Give us a call today to find out how we can help you prepare and protect your home during future power outages around Clearwater.


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