What To Do When You Have a Faulty Outlet

Posted on: October 11, 2014

If you have an older home in St. Petersburg, you are probably struggling to find enough outlets for all of your appliances as it is; discovering you have a faulty one makes matters even worse. But don’t panic- call for professional electrical services instead. Any technician will tell you this is actually a fairly common problem, and it can be pretty simple to discover the underlying cause. While you should have a professional repair handle the underlying issue, there are some at-home troubleshooting steps you can take.

The first step to take after you have discovered that a power outlet isn’t doing its job, is to call for St. Petersburg electrical services. While there are some simple solutions to this problem, when it comes to electricity, anything besides troubleshooting should be left to a trained professional.

Outlet Not Working? Follow These Steps:

When you wake up and realize your phone hasn’t charged, even though it’s been plugged in, it may mean you have a faulty plug in your St. Petersburg home. Before calling for electrical services, you should first check the other outlets in your home in order to discover which ones are affected. The simplest way to do this is to plug a small lamp into each outlet, and mark with a post-it note the ones that are faulty.

When outlets are not supplying power, the next step is for you to look at the circuit breaker. Once you have it open, you should be able to see if a breaker is not in line with the rest; this means it was tripped. These tripped breakers are most likely the reason your phone didn’t charge; to reset the breaker, push it into the ‘off’ position, then into the ‘on’ position. Once it has been reset, your plugs should start working.

For Electrical Services, Call Midway

If you have reset the breaker, but it pops back into the ‘off’ position right away, you could have a bigger problem than a tripped breaker. Additionally, if you have a faulty plug, and no tripped breakers, you should call for electrical services. At Midway Services in St. Petersburg, we know that simple troubleshooting might not always solve the problem, which is why our technicians are prepared to test every possible option.

Remember that dealing with electricity can be extremely dangerous, which is why you should always trust a professional when it comes to anything other than noninvasive troubleshooting. No matter why the outlet isn’t working, we will be able to fix it for you! For more information, contact us today.


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