How 2020 Interior Design Software Will Help You

Posted on: August 29, 2014

No matter if you’ve lived there for years, or just moved into your home last month, interior design is something we all consider eventually. And while DIY might sound appealing, the expertise and tools needed to take on a job like this make hiring a professional company the best choice. Remodeling and designing rooms- especially with kitchens and bathrooms- can get rather complicated.
With the 2020 interior design software, you can design a 3D image of the room, and see how every aspect of the new shelves, cabinets, and paint colors will look together, before actually changing anything.

How 2020 Will Help You

In the past, there was no way to see how your interior design project would look until it was finished; but now advances in technology allow us to plan everything on the computer and view it in photographic detail. If you don’t like something about the final design, you can change it with the click of a button! 2020 offers many helpful features, including:

  1. Lighting Wizard. This feature allows you to skip the worry that your newly designed room will be too dark. You can quickly and easily see accurate lighting for both new and existing designs. You can add LEDs over, under, and even inside cabinets for a visually striking design.
  2. Panoramic 360. This allows you an all-inclusive 3D view that submerges you right into the new design. You can even send the panoramic link to friends and family for their input on your new interior design.
  3. Sensopia MagicPlan. This new feature of 2020, Sensopia MagicPlan, lets you quickly measure and create initial floor plans with your smartphone or tablet. You can even add openings, windows, and doors to the design!

The 2020 software is the world’s largest electronic database of kitchen and bath designs, catalogs, and content. If you want to start an interior design project, call Midway Services today. We have been continuously providing the best quality of home services to our clients since 1957, and can get your project started today! Once we have completed the initial design on 2020, we will print it out, with photo realism, and show it to you. If you don’t like anything, we will be glad to keep working on it until you are completely satisfied.

For more information, or to schedule an interior design consultation, call Midway today at 813-343-4953 (Tampa) or 727-341-5114 (Clearwater/ St. Petersburg).


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