Tips to Keep Your Pipes Clear Between Plumbing Services

Posted on: August 25, 2014

Everyone wants to save money, and while you need to call a Tampa plumbing service company when you have a major leak or stoppage, you should also know how to prevent these problems from happening.

Keeping your drain pipes clear is simple enough, as long as you know what products and methods to use. You should stay away from commercial drain cleaner; these solutions are full of corrosive chemicals that will break down the stoppage, but can also start eating away at your pipes. There are plenty of concoctions that can be made from ingredients you already have at home, and will be much gentler on your pipes.

How to Keep Your Pipes Clear

  1. Make your own drain cleaner. Whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom sink, using vinegar and baking soda will quickly reduce any blockages. Just like the volcanoes you made in elementary school, this mixture will cause heavy bubbling, so you should keep a lid on it. Afterwards, pour boiling water down the drain, and the stoppage will be flushed out.
  2. The toilet is not a trashcan. Any Tampa plumbing service company will tell you- don’t flush anything except toilet paper. Everything else should go in the trashcan, since it is very easy for these pipes to become clogged. Makes sure to put a trashcan in plain sight in the bathroom so guests won’t be tempted to flush paper towels.
  3. Keep the garbage disposal in tip top shape. If you notice a bad smell coming from the disposal, use a specially designed brush to clean built up food out of those hard to reach areas. Afterwards, you can grind up fresh lemons in the disposal for a fresh smell. You should never pour fats or cooking oils down the drain either, as they will solidify and cause blockages.


Knowing how to take care of your pipes will save you the stress of having to call a plumbing service company in Tampa for emergency help. Regular maintenance will ensure that your plumbing fixtures last as long as possible. If you think that you have a leak, stoppage, or worse, call Midway Services right away. With reliable, 24/7 service, we will get your pipes back to normal in no time!


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