When to Call an AC Service Company

Posted on: July 30, 2014

St. Petersburg residents don’t need to be reminded of how crucial it is to know of a good AC service company. Especially in the summertime, Floridians can’t afford to suffer, as a result, of a faulty air conditioner. However, it is also not ideal to be constantly paying for HVAC repairs and services, either. It is understandable that most people try to avoid calling in a costly professional if they can. The good news here is that with a little bit of extra attention and proactivity, you can become an expert at knowing whether you should take on a task yourself or call in a technician.

What to Check First

In order to keep your St. Petersburg home’s air conditioner in top shape, you should know about the simple yet necessary maintenance checks to perform on your own. In order to avoid calling an AC service company in for repairs, you should:

  • Change the filter monthly, and keep it clean. It is surprising how many seemingly insurmountable AC issues were merely caused by a worn out or dirty filter.
  • Keep an eye on your thermostat. Make sure the temperature it displays matches the one you feel in your house. This is one of those things that seems obvious, but can pass you by if you aren’t paying attention to it!
  • If there is water dripping out of or pooling around your unit, it may mean your drainage tube is blocked. Check inside for ice, dirt, and other debris.

Some Telltale Signs

If you’ve already checked for routine maintenance and your home is still heating up, it’s time to call in for a professional. The key to having a healthy air conditioner and a cool St. Petersburg home is being able to know when it’s best to call an AC service company. Some of the warnings you should keep an eye out for include:

  • Unusual noises or smells coming out from your unit
  • Some areas in your house are much hotter or colder than others
  • You adjust the thermostat constantly with no change in temperature
  • Poor airflow coming from any or all vents
  • An increase in your energy bills with no clear explanation

These inconveniences are a nightmare to experience during the sweltering St. Petersburg summers. Avoid a constant need for costly repairs by taking care of these issues early; call an AC service company as soon as you spot the signs. Midway Services offers a wide array of different air conditioning repairs and services, so give us a call today at 727-565-0448.


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