Help! My Air Conditioner is Frozen!

Posted on: July 21, 2014

Tarpon Springs summers are no laughing matter when it comes to air conditioning services. When the mercury rises, you want to make sure your AC unit is happy and healthy. And now that we have reached mid-July, no one has time to deal with faulty appliances! If you look at your air conditioner and see it’s covered in ice, don’t panic. There are some simple yet effective steps you can take to help keep your home cool before you call a professional.

DIY Diagnosing for Air Conditioning Services

Turn Your Unit Completely Off

When you find your AC has frozen over, the first action you should take is to switch it off so you can give it to time to defrost. This will allow you to more freely access the components inside that may be causing problems.

Check Your Filter

Once you turn your machine off, the next step is to take a look at your filter. If the filter is dirty, throw it out and replace it. If it’s wet, this means the evaporator coil is frozen. This is causing melted ice to drip and miss the drain pan, landing on the filter instead. If your AC’s filter is wet or dry but not dirty, you have a problem that is a bit more advanced, and you should call in for a Tarpon Springs professional for air conditioning services.

Take a Look at Your Refrigerant Level

A common cause behind frozen HVAC units is when systems are low on refrigerant, which controls the heat exchange in your appliance. An AC with the right refrigerant level is what allows the unit to keep your home cool with no problems and avoid air conditioning services. But if your refrigerant is leaking or low on Freon, it will be ineffective in controlling this heat exchange.

Other possible culprits behind a frozen air conditioner include:

  • Low air flow
  • A faulty duct system
  • Dirty evaporator coils
  • A thermostat that is set too low at night


If you have tried to fix all of the aforementioned problems that could be causing your HVAC unit grief and still don’t know what’s wrong, it’s time to call a Tarpon Springs air conditioning services company. Midway Services specializes in a wide variety of different AC repairs, so your frozen unit will soon be a thing of the past when you call us. We also offer services such as electrical repairs, indoor plumbing and pipe reparation, remodeling, heater repair and installation, and help with energy efficiency. Don’t hesitate to call us today!


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