Electrical Company: What To Do When You Need More Outlets

Posted on: July 11, 2014

When you have ten appliances or electrical devices that need to be plugged in, but only 4 outlets, it’s time to call a Clearwater electrical company. It can be incredibly frustrating to constantly have to unplug one thing in order to plug in something else. Maybe you’ve tried to cut back on appliances, and decided you really don’t need a toaster since you also have a microwave. But you shouldn’t have to choose! Here are some ways to help you with your outlet problems:

  • Increase plug space: With new rotating adapters, you can plug four appliances into an outlet that only used to fit two. If you don’t mind how they look, you can also use power strips and surge protectors to plug five or six appliances into one outlet. However, always check with your electrical company to make sure you won’t overload the outlet and cause a fire!
  • Extension cords: While they don’t always look great, extension cords can help when you don’t have enough outlets in a room. If you want to charge your phone next to you at night, but the outlet is across the room, an extension cord can help. Be sure to secure them to the ground or walls, or else they can be a tripping hazard.
  • Charge from your laptop or computer: You can buy adapters that plug into your computer that can power electrical devices or charge your phone. Be careful of this, as it can cause your laptop or computer to overheat and run down the battery quicker than usual.
  • Add more outlets: Perhaps the simplest way to solve your outlet problem is to call your Clearwater electrical company to install more outlets to your home. Once they inspect your home, they will work with you to decide where you need outlets in order to make your life easier.

Here at Midway Services, we have worked hard to become the front runners as an electrical company in Clearwater. We have flat rate pricing, and charge by the job, not the hour. We can help you add as many outlets as you want to your home. Stop switching back and forth between plugs and give us a call today at 727-755-0399.


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