What does an electrical company do?

Posted on: June 24, 2014

Most people want to handle home projects on their own. When it comes to electrical work, it’s best to call a professional electrical company in Clearwater. When you attempt to take care of these wiring projects yourself, especially without the proper skill and knowledge, you run the risk of damaging your property as well as injury yourself and others.

Electrical Repairs

A blown circuit is one thing. But when it comes to troubleshooting, circuit tracing, or surge protection, your best bet is to give Midway Services a call. Only a trained technician will be able to accurately assess the situation. Our qualified electricians are able to spot problem areas and repair or replace the damaged wiring. Older homes are particularly at risk for damaged or corroded wiring. A professional electrician will be able to suggest needed upgrades or replacements for your electrical system.

Exhaust and Ceiling Fan Installation

It gets brutally hot down here in Central Florida. That’s why we offer air conditioning services as well as electrical installation for ceiling fans. Adding a ceiling fan to each room can cut down on your cooling costs and create a fresh breeze. Keeping the air circulated with a fan will help improve your home’s indoor air quality by airing out the rooms.

Similarly, exhaust fans are imperative for bathrooms to have for proper ventilation. Without an exhaust, you run the risk of mold growth and poor indoor air quality. Especially for homes high in humidity, like those in Clearwater. There are a lot of electrical wiring and components crucial for a professional electrical company to ensure proper installation.

Upgrades & Updates

We offer electrical code updates because it is not your job to keep up with industry standards—it’s ours. The codes are constantly changing, and far too many injuries happen every year due to electrical hazards in the home and workplace. Our experts will make sure electrical system is up to code.

Your electric panel consists of everything including TVs, dishwashers, air conditioners, etc. This panel is the powerhouse for the circuit breakers. They become worn out easily; it’s imperative to have your panel properly maintained. It will not only improve the efficiency, of your system but also increase your property value and safety of your home.

What makes us the best electrical company in Clearwater?

We are “Florida’s Most Trusted Home Service Company” for good reasons. We offer flat rate pricing and 60 minute service. We can be there the same day, or in the middle of the night. We are Florida State licensed and insured and work only with the best equipment, materials and technicians.
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