How AC Services in St. Petersburg Can Save You Money

Posted on: June 17, 2014

Most people believe the AC services used to cool their St. Petersburg home throughout the year, especially during the brutal summer months, is burning a hole through their wallet. What many don’t realize is that there are ways to save a significant amount of money on your air conditioning services. As the cool air blows in, there’s no need for all your money to go out. With the right tune up and maintenance services, we can ensure that your unit is working as efficiently as possible. Doing so will ultimately cost you less in the long run.

How Can You Save Money with AC Services in St. Pete?

  1. When your air conditioner is working at its highest potential, it won’t waste as much energy, which means you won’t be wasting unnecessary amounts of money on your utility bills every month.
  2. When your system isn’t clean and tuned regularly, the components have to work harder to cool your home. This often results in breakdowns. When you have regular AC maintenance, you significantly lower your risk of having to have emergency repairs on the hottest day of the year, or having to replace your air conditioner all together.
  3. When you neglect your unit you are hurting the chances it will have a long life time. At Midway Services we offer regular inspection and tune up services to ensure your unit is always running to its maximum potential and will last it’s proper life span, instead of cutting out early due to improper maintenance.

Our AC Services & St. Petersburg Maintenance Programs

At Midway Services we offer inspections to check all electrical connections and refrigerant levels are where they should be, and that there are no blockages. We clean debris from filters and coils and lubricate necessary components. We will also perform a system performance test to ensure efficiency and safety.

If you have not had a professional air conditioning services lately, not only is your home probably not cooling as quickly as it could, but you’re spending more money than necessary on utility bills.

We use state of the art equipment and materials to ensure you are getting the most from your unit. We also offer new AC installations and emergency repairs.

Give us a call today to learn more about our St. Petersburg services: (727) 565-4715.


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