The Importance of Having a Surge Protector

Posted on: May 30, 2014

Surge protectors are an essential aspect to your home; that’s why it’s so important to have regular electrical services. Think about all of the appliances in your home that require electricity. If a power surge occurs; there is potential that anything plugged in could be ruined. Not only will a spike in power damage or even ruin your appliances, but it can fry the wires as well, possibly causing a fire.

The only way to protect your home from a wave of power is by calling an electrical services company in St. Petersburg to install a surge protector. These increases can originate from anywhere; one of the most common ways is from lightning strikes. Even if your neighbor’s house is the one hit by lightning, the excess power can travel through the ground to your home.

What to consider when choosing a surge protector for your home:

  • Response time: This is how long it will take the protector to sense the rise in power. A shorter response time will mean a quicker reaction, meaning less time your machines are unprotected from the increase of energy.
  • Joule rating: A joule is a unit of measurement for energy; the joule rating is the maximum amount of energy that the surge protector will be able to absorb. A higher joule rating will mean a longer lifespan for the machine.
  • Indicator light: This is a paramount feature; the light will tell you if the device is working or not. Sometimes a large surge of power will fry the protector, and the indicator light is the only way you will be able to tell if everything is working accordingly.
  • Clamping voltage: This is the amount of power that will prompt the surge protector to begin redirecting the extra power away from your appliances. The lower the clamping voltage, the better protection you have.

At Midway Services, we offer a variety of electrical services in St. Petersburg, including many different surge protector options for your home. While there are small machines that will shield specific devices, we recommend whole-home protection. This way, no matter what, your entire home is protected.

For more information on our electrical services in St. Petersburg, call us today at 813-343-2702!


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