Electrical Services: How to Make Your Dock Safer

Posted on: May 28, 2014

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard on the water in Clearwater, you should be aware of the dangers of faulty electrical services. Dock wiring will add fun amenities to your backyard, but if not done by a professional, it can be extremely hazardous.

Benefits of Dock Wiring

Having electricity available at your Clearwater dock will allow you reap all of the benefits possible of having your own backyard marina.

  • If you’re tired of having your boat sit in the water, you can install a lift.  These protect your craft from damage.
  • If you don’t like the need for a flashlight after dark, you can install lights.
  • Both practical and decorative, underwater lights are also a fun and interesting feature for guests to look at.  They also decrease the chance of injury by marking off the edge in the dark.
  • Motion sensor lights will keep unwanted visitors away from your backyard and boat, as well.

Having electricity available at your dock will let you customize it as much as you want; add a sound system, fans, a heater, whatever you want!

Faulty Wiring Hazards

The last two things you want to mix are water and electricity; however, if your Clearwater electrical services are not done correctly, that is the exact mixture you will have. When the ground wire is broken or disconnected – usually because of faulty wiring – a charge is emitted. When this happens, anyone swimming within 100 yards of the electrified water can be shocked with a deadly amount of electricity. This is called Electric Shock Drowning (ESD), and while it is still not very well known, ESD has claimed many lives.

A dock with poor wiring can kill, which is why you always want your Clearwater electrical services to be performed by a professional. Don’t trust just anyone to run electricity from your home to your dock; one misconnected wire holds the potential to cause a terrible accident.

At Midway, we know that you want your backyard to be a place of fun and relaxation, not danger. Our trained electrical service technicians will make sure that your Clearwater dock is a place of safety and fun.

For more information on our Clearwater electrical services, call us today!


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