Easy Tips for Finding the Right Plumbing Company

Posted on: May 13, 2014

Searching for the best plumbing company in Clearwater (or anywhere else) is always difficult, but even more so if you are unfamiliar with what is truly important, and what is simply embellishment.  When you start your search, you will more than likely find that it is difficult to tell the companies apart. How do you really know who is the best?  Well stand back, we can handle this:

  • Are they licensed and certified?  This is the most important factor to consider.  If your handyman isn’t a certified technician, then you’re taking a large risk letting them work on your home.  While sometimes cheaper, there is not only no guarantee that they will do the job correctly, or that it will last.  When you allow an unlicensed contractor into your home you have no guarantee on quality, durability, or satisfaction.
  • Always looks for quality over speed.  Any Clearwater plumbing company who promises speed over everything else should instantly become suspect.  This is because, while possible, speed and quality do not often mix well.  If the job is rushed, there is a distinct possibility that something important was missed.  There’s an essential rule when it comes to this dilemma:  Fast, Good, and Cheap: You can only pick 2.
  • Find a company with a large, satisfied, customer base.  Not only does a large pool of happy clients assure good service, but larger companies can guarantee that all of their employees are licensed and insured.  So if something does go wrong, everyone is covered.  Long standing businesses are often great examples of this.
  • Does customer service always come first?  Any Clearwater plumbing company that doesn’t put their client’s interests first isn’t recommended.  Companies that offer 24 hour assistance and guarantee superior customer service are going to make sure their clients are happy.  And their clients are happy when their expectations were not only met, but exceeded.

Here at Midway Services, all of our technicians are licensed and certified, and we always strive to provide the best plumbing services in Clearwater. With a large and satisfied customer base, customer service is a top priority for us, and we do whatever we can to make you satisfied with our work. If you have any questions regarding the services provided by a professional plumbing company in the Clearwater area, contact Midway today at 813-343-2097.


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