Air Conditioning Tips: Save Money on Your Electric Bill This Summer

Posted on: May 13, 2014

It looks like this summer is gearing up to be the hottest one yet, and Midway air conditioning services wants to help our Tarpon Springs clients save money on their electric bill.  Your AC is one of the biggest power users in your home and during the summer, when it is working its hardest that you see the biggest jump in your utilities costs.  Luckily we’re going to give you a few tips to help:

  1. Turn off your AC when you leave for work in the morning.  This one is a point of contention for some people.  Some argue that, in fact, it requires more electricity to cool your house back down after allowing it to warm up all day, while the rest say the opposite.  Well, Midway’s air conditioning services is here to try and put this debate to rest.
    You see, leaving your system on causes it  to turn off and on continuously all day, keeping your empty home at that perfect temperature.  Most modern homes are insulated well enough that they will not reach a much higher temperatures than 84 degrees.  So as long as your unit is the right size for your residence, it shouldn’t take much longer than an hour after you get home to reach that optimal temperature for you.
  2.  Regular air conditioning services and maintenance.  We’ve said this before, but much like your vehicle, your AC requires regular tune ups to ensure that you not only prevent it from breaking down, but also guarantee it’s working at maximum efficiency.  The more efficiently your house is chilled, the more money you save.
  3.  Take steps to keep the temperature reasonable.  When the sun is blazing hot outside, you might be tempted to first crank the cold, but this translates to a greater cost at the end of the month.  Instead, avoid heavy clothing and make use of the ceiling and oscillating fans in the room you’re occupying.  These draw a lower wattage, which means you pay less.

If you want to beat the heat this summer, you’ll need to rely heavily on reliable cold air when you need it.  Now is the time, before it gets even hotter, to make sure your AC unit is in full working order.  If you have any questions regarding air conditioning services in Tarpon Springs, contact Midway today at 727-565-4715.


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