Plumbing Repairs: Is It Time for a New Faucet?

Posted on: April 28, 2014

When you want to use plumbing repairs for the optimal usability of your Clearwater kitchen and bathroom, then faucets and sinks are important fixtures to focus on. We rely heavily on running water for a variety of reasons, two of the most common being to wash our hands and dishes. When considering a new faucet or sink, there are dimensions to think about, standards to meet, and tastes to satisfy. Read on to see what are the most important of these to keep in mind.


The number one priority of any fixture is meeting your performance expectations. An old and leaky faucet could be trickling nickels and dimes down the drain. Loose handles or spouts can be a nuisance and may even affect the flow and temperature. Calling on a Clearwater professional for plumbing repairs may fix many of these problems with replacement hardware or an adjustment, but older faucets can sometimes be unrepairable due to build up sediment and become worn over time. These issues can create an inefficient system by reducing the pressure and volume flowing from the faucet.

Having a faucet that doesn’t work properly affects you with every activity you use it for, such as: Washing your hands, shaving, rinsing dishes, and filling containers. A small problem with a faucet can, in essence, reduce the quality of work you use it for, and increase the time you need it running.

Pushing the Limits in Clearwater

There are limiting factors on sinks and faucets, such as how deep or wide a sink is, or how high or low the spout of a faucet is positioned. In most instances, you will want a bigger range of flexibility in a kitchen sink, but you can often find yourself twisting and turning objects under a bathroom sink to rinse the entire surface, while dribbling water over the edge of its boundaries. Dishes, cups, pots, and buckets can require a wide and deep sink to wash. Perhaps a double sink or a flexible hose faucet would improve your experience when dealing with large size or amount of objects. Plumbing repairs will help provide your Clearwater home with a system that meets all of your standards.

Faucet and Sink Aesthetics

Faucets and sinks shouldn’t be an eye sore to those that enter; they should match the decorative theme that surrounds them. Don’t let your sink and faucet represent the dirty work that they are sometimes used for. Materials, such as stainless steel, can be used to hide hard water stains and fingerprints while also keeping a desirable appearance and functionality.

If you need plumbing repairs or the perfect replacement faucet, call us today in Clearwater for advice and service.


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