Electrical Services: Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Posted on: April 21, 2014

When people think about electrical services in St. Petersburg, usually it’s for repair, maintenance, or installation. However, there’s an underlying factor that may have you rethinking how to utilize your electric company: Saving money. Typically the thought process of hiring any type of maintenance services for a home or business owner is that the work done is solely a sunk cost.  But here’s a more refreshing take– by repairing or upgrading inefficient systems, installing newer technology, and having someone there to routinely check how your systems are performing, you could save money by spending money.

Install energy efficient models

What types of appliances and electrically-powered systems are in your home is the first step to saving money on your electric bill. If you use a refrigerator that’s much bigger than you need, or your stove is outdated, there’s money that is being wasted. Using modern equipment and technology will save you money by using less electricity to power them. The key is energy efficiency; updated technology will not only use less power, but provide a better result. For example, a tankless propane water heater is much more efficient than a standard electric one. As you might guess, the electric water heater uses a lot of energy maintaining temperature and has only a small reserve of heated water. The copper pipes of a tank-less heater provide continual access to hot water, and the system is more efficient by not having to heat reserve water around the clock.

Repair your current systems

Keeping with the theme of energy efficiency, repairing your current systems could save a great deal of money by restoring them to top condition. As an electrical services company in St. Petersburg, we know all too well that many HVAC systems are not running at maximum efficiency. Common problems with these systems are as follows:

·        Thermostat shows a different temperature setting than it feels inside (This can lead to constantly adjusting the thermostat, which can waste power as well)

·        System repeatedly turns on/off or stays running for extensive periods of time

·        Different rooms have noticeably different temperatures

Hiring a St. Petersburg electrical services company to upgrade your breaker panel and rewire your home or business will also help reduce energy usage and increase the efficiency of these outdated resources. It’s important to understand that replacing everything is not always going to save you the most money; repairing or upgrading your current systems may be a more appropriate (and affordable) approach.

Use less power!

It’s what you’ve been hearing since you were a kid, “Turn off the lights, you’re wasting electricity!” Take the age-old advice and turn off or disconnect what you’re not using. Switch-activated lights and fans are easy, as well as kitchen appliances, and may take a little self-discipline to realize when you’re unnecessarily using power. Using your HVAC system may take more patience, but can take a lot off of your bill.

Call Midway today to see how our St. Petersburg electrical services can make your home or business more energy efficient with minor adjustments, repairs, maintenance, or new installations.


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