3 Electrical Services You Can’t Do Yourself

Posted on: April 7, 2014

Here at Midway, we want to supply the Clearwater community with electrical services, safety, and education. As capable humans, we’re often tempted to take on projects that we believe we can do on our own. DIY work often overlooks crucial components that are required for the overall function of your home. Without the proper installation or training, your safety is at risk. Circuits or wires could spark and lead to shock, fire, and death. Our staff has the experience and qualifications required to complete a precise and safe job. While there is an extensive list of projects that should be avoided by homeowners, there are a few jobs that should never be performed by anyone but a professional:


Our electrical services have kept the Clearwater area safe for over 50 years. Anyone can buy the tools and instructions necessary when starting DIY rewiring but, we provide the knowledge and experience that books and the internet cannot supply. Taping together existing wires and overlooking frayed or damaged parts can lead to electrocution or fires. The project that you thought would be quick and painless could end up costing you more in hospital bills and your overall health. Wires that are cut too short or too long can also cause problems when it comes time to providing electricity to other parts of your home. Extending wires calls for more products which requires more money out of your pockets. We can help you stay on budget and provide you with efficient wiring.

Replacing Electric Panels

When turning on your lights or computer may seem as simple as flicking a switch or pushing a button, there’s a lot of work that goes into it. The electric panel functions to assure that all circuits in your home provide power in any situation. It’s comprised of expensive parts and complicated technology and should therefore only be handled by our certified masters. Not only can we tell you when it’s time to swap it out for a new one, but we can also provide you with minor or major repairs safely. Without breaking or damaging other parts of the panel, we can inspect to see if a new panel is even necessary. Sometimes there may just be one piece that has burned out because it’s been worn down. While you may think that calling a professional will cost you, it will more than likely help you save money.

Here at Midway, we are educated with the latest codes and education to provide Clearwater residents with the incomparable electrical services. If you find yourself struggling to figure out how to understand or repair any aspect of your home, then feel free to contact us at any time. We want to assure that any work you are attempting to do at home will keep you, your family and property safe. We are available 24/7, so give us a call today for a free consultation and to schedule an appointment at 727-755-0399 or 813-343-2702.


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