When it’s Time to Have Your AC Repaired

Posted on: February 11, 2014

We are all familiar with that sweet feeling of walking into an air conditioned room on a hot day; and now that the hot weather is on its way here in Clearwater, you need to know the signs of when AC repair is necessary.  As a Florida homeowner, you always want to be on top of your air conditioner, and know what to look for when it needs repair.

Some signs to be aware of are:

1.       Air isn’t as cold: Even when it is turned up all the way, if you find that your AC is still not getting cold, you may need to call for a professional to take a look at your unit.

2.       Poor or weak airflow: This is a key sign that you need a repair, as it signals that there is a problem with the compressor.  If the airflow is only weak in one part of the house, there is most likely an obstruction in the duct.

3.       Presence of water: Whenever water is somewhere it isn’t, there is usually an issue.  If it is in or around your air conditioner, the condensation drainage tube could be clogged or even broken.  If there is a layer of ice, call for a Clearwater AC repair company immediately, since this can signal even bigger problems.

4.       Unusual sounds: This is perhaps the easiest warning sign to notice, since new sounds can be very annoying.  If you hear any squeaking, squealing, or grinding noises call a trusted company like Midway, because if this is not fixed soon, it can lead to the entire unit having to be replaced.

Here at Midway, we recommend you call us if you notice any of these signs in Clearwater; AC repairs are not for the DIYers because they often require special training and tools to fix. We also suggest that you schedule regular maintenance checks, because a small problem can quickly lead to an issue causing you to have to replace your entire unit. If we are able to catch the problem early, it will save you time and money later on.  Call us at (727) 565-4715 to schedule a maintenance check or repair.


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