4 Most Common Electrical Repairs

Posted on: February 11, 2014

Electrical problems around the house happen, but there are electrical repair services in the Clearwater area to help fix those problems. While there are an array of issues that can occur for no apparent reason, experts in their field can pinpoint an issue and resolve it within the hour in most cases. Avoid the dangers of fire and sparks by calling for a free consultation today.  Below are some of the most common electric repair problems:

Knob and tube wiring.

All too often electrical repair services in the Clearwater area are needed for knob and tube wiring. This type of wiring was invented in 1950 and is still present in most homes today. The issues that arise with the continuation of its use is that it cannot keep up with the level of electricity and use that we require today versus the ’50s. Damaged, overused and brittle wiring can lead to arcing and fires at any moment. An inspection of the home by a trained electrician will almost always result in recommendation for replacement and updating. 

Exposed Wires.

Electrical repair companies are all too familiar with exposed wires throughout the home. Wires that have split ends and are not protected or sealed can lead to electric shock or fire. Professioanl electricans will inform you that all wires should be properly spliced and protected within a junction box to keep you and your home safe and up to code. Unfinished areas are common in households making it crucial to contact an electrician to locate any unsecured wiring. 

Improper extension cord use.

Electricians will inform you that extension cords should not be used as a permanent wiring solution.  Their use is made for temporary means and not as a permanent fix to an electrical issue. Wires that are not properly covered in sheathing or conduit can lead to shock and sparks, creating a threat to you and your home. If you are in need of more electrical outlets then a trained electrician can install and rewire your home properly for additional, safe power sources.

Over-lamping issues.

If you have replaced your light bulb and it still will not work then it is time to reach out for electrical repair services in Clearwater. The reason the new light bulb will not work is likely tied to over-lamping; you have put a bulb with a higher wattage in the fixture than it was designed for. Once the bulb’s heat got too high it melted and damaged the socket. Electricians can repair the faulty socket and help avoid any related fires.


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