3 Signs You Need Plumbing Repair

Posted on: February 7, 2014

We expect a lot from our bathrooms, from hot water to strong water pressure, and even a slight change from the norm may be a sign that you need plumbing repair in Clearwater.  Small plumbing issues can quickly get out of hand and become very expensive, very fast.

As a homeowner, here are 3 signs you should look out for that may signal you need some type of plumbing repair or maintenance:

1.       Higher water bills: If you haven’t made any significant changes in water usage, and yet you’re still experiencing higher water bills, that may be a sign that a leak is occurring somewhere. Often times leaks happen in the walls, or somewhere else not easily noticed, and if left alone can cause huge amounts of damage.

2.       Change in water pressure: When you only get a small trickle of water, even when the faucet is turned on full blast, it may be as simple as a clogged faucet or as complex as a burst pipe.  The former can be easily fixed without a plumber by tying a plastic bag full of vinegar to the faucet for a few hours. However, if the problem persists, you will wants to call a Clearwater plumbing repair professional to find the leak.

3.       Unreliable water temperature: No one likes that shocking blast of suddenly cold water during a shower; when this happens to you it could be an issue with the water heater or the pipes it’s connected to.  If your water heater is too small for your house, you will have unreliably hot showers or even no hot water at all. Otherwise, if you have the correct size heater, there may be some sediment or other blockage in the water lines causing the issue.

If you have be experiencing any of these issues, call us at Midway Services in Clearwater today, and one of our skilled plumbers will help fix whatever plumbing repair issues you may have. We offer flat rate pricing, and will charge by the job, not the hour. For 24/7 services, call us at (727) 341-5116.


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